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How to improve the speed and quality of talent acquisition with fewer resources

The new world of recruiting is forcing companies to rethink their recruitment strategy. Choosing the right recruiting platform to optimize quality candidates and hires as well as drive greater hiring efficiencies – all while reducing costs – can help companies of all sizes achieve success never like before. Based on requirements from our customers and feedback from industry experts, this essentials guide will help you determine the value of new recruiting technologies for your company.

The 9 essentials for recruiting success today are:
• Social recruiting – gain access to relevant talent through social connections
• Employee referrals – increase high quality, low cost hires through employee networks
• Applicant tracking – improve productivity, increase quality and improve candidate experience
• Email and productivity – enable your team to collaborate easily and get the information they need
• Promoting job openings – attract quality talent by promoting job openings across the web.
• Candidate relationship management – build and engage a talent pool for your company.
• Candidate sourcing and development – find passive candidates for your jobs.
• Career site – kick off a great candidate experience with an engaging career site.
• Recruiting intelligence – see what’s working with one integrated view of key recruiting data.


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