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Hôm nay tình cờ tôi tìm được 1 số link khá hay về đào tạo nhân sự online. Đây là những khóa học online miễn phí của nước ngoài. Anh chị em quan tâm tới nâng cao kiến thức cũng như kỹ năng tiếng anh thì cùng tham dự nhé. Chúc anh chị hoàn thành xong khóa học.

List of Free Online Human Resources (HR) Courses and Classes

Online Human Resources (HR) Course Information

Human resources courses are generally offered through a college's management or business departments. Although the courses contain much of the same material used in credit-bearing classes, none of these resources come with college credit. Students may need to purchase textbooks and meet certain software and technical requirements in order to view lectures presented in video format.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Học viện công nghệ Masachuset

Strategic HR Management is a graduate-level course that examines topics on human resources management, performance management, training and development, reward systems and workforce diversity. Some lecture notes are available, and students can also download assignments and exams, but no solutions are provided. A bibliography is listed on the readings page, which consists of business journal articles and chapters from human resources textbooks that students must obtain on their own.

During the Urban Labor Markets and Employment Policy course, students can learn about urban labor markets, public policy, welfare reform and living wage campaigns. Selected lecture notes are available as PDF documents. Work, Employment and Industrial Relations Theory covers different labor theories, including Marxist and neo-classical ideas about industrial relations. The course includes some lecture handouts and several readings, many of which must be purchased.

New Jersey Institute of Technology - Học viện công nghệ NewJersey

Human Resources Management is made up of 26 video lectures. Topics covered include HR planning, job analysis, managing workforce diversity, labor relations and recruitment. The course particularly focuses on how technology firms practice human resources management. Students taking Organizational Behavior learn about how groups and individuals behave in technology-based organizations. The course consists of 26 video lectures that must be downloaded and cover topics such as leadership, social perception, motivational processes and decision-making skills.

The Open University - Đại học Mở

The Open University offers the course Human Resources: Recruitment and Selection, which can show students how to successfully find and screen job applicants. The class explores how employees with different personality types may be best suited for certain positions. Students can learn to properly interview job candidates and make a final selection. The course includes a number of lectures, as well as a list of references.

University of California - Irvine - Đại học California

The Training and Human Resources Development course focuses on the role of a trainer in human resources departments. The course is divided into ten lessons, and topics include job training, management development and delivery of training materials. Each lesson comes with a series of discussion points. Readings are listed for each lesson, and self-assessment quizzes are provided on the topics covered.

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